JCox Creations

Poinsettia Wreath

This wreath was inspired by the poinsettias that my Grandmother left behind in her house. (Yes, she is still alive- but lving in an assisted living home.) I gathered some of her stuff that she wasn’t able to take with her and kept some of it, but I made this with her favorite flower of Christmas.


Onething 2011…

This morning Stephen Venable and Wes Martin Spoke… and it was good that I could intertwine what they were saying and some of the things that I believe together in one! 🙂

1st Cor. 3: 9-13… it talks about how we live our life and what we build it upon… Gold, silver, wood, hay or stubble… not about the rich and their stuff and the poor… It’s about how we live according to what God has called us to live! For Gold… Being Holy and righteous, being stewards of everything: our time, money, words!… and it goes down from there… Hay… well it’s just being a regualr “Christian” in this world… not doing the things God has called him or her… and well… we all know that hay burns up really fast! Gold is refined in the fire! I want my life to be based on GOLD! I want God to come and say well done! and not shock me when I get to heaven about how I lived my life! I want him to shock me now! Tell me what He wants me to change! And let me live a life Holy unto him! For there is only ONE foundation to live our lofe upon! And that is Jesus! Our LORD! our Savior!

It’s not easy on your flesh to bless your enemies, It’s not easy on your flesh to give you time and money to people… but It’s rewarding when you do it! It’s rewarding when you obey God and do what He has called you to do!

For me! I’m looking for the opinion of ONE! Not the opinion of many! Godliness is this… Restraining your speech and being Godly with your time! In other words… Turn the other cheek when someone persecutes you… Give them time in prayer and bless them. God is raising up a Holy generation that doesn’t look like any other generations before them, and that’s good! We need radical Lovers of God! We need the witnesses to preach the ONE true gospel of Jesus Christ… “Christianity today” will give you 900 gospels of who Jesus is… that aren’t biblical. Acts 2:36- Both Lord and Christ!

Also… just to let you know! -I’m learning all of this! I’m not saying I’m perfect right yet… still working it out daily. I still have my fleshly moments of wanting to say something back or be rude… but God is working in me to bless those and forgive those who come against me and persectue me. We are living in an age where we can’t afford to be offended with God or anyone b/c it can ruin our relationship with God and hold back the blessings God has in store for us! Just take heed! Take heed what you say and do!

Remember: God is a judge! and He will avenge you! 🙂 Psalm 63… vs 4! God is saying: “For the day of vengeance is in my heart, and the year if my redeemed has come!

I can hear Shelley Hundley (speaker at Onething and a leader in the House of Prayer)  and myself acting a play out to God!! “Who will avenge me??” I would say…

And God (me talking for him) saying: “It is I who will avenge you!” hahaha!!