Let Justice Roll down…

I have been watching a Misty Edward set from Monday night. It’s an intercession set about Human Traffiking… God is raising up messengers to reach out and pray for those that are set in bondage! I pray that one day He will use me in this epic disaster of slavery!

Let Justice Roll down like a mighty river… let Justice roll down! God hears our cry and we will not back down. We are knocking on heavens door! And God says knock, seek, and it will be answered to you! Let Justice Roll down, roll down!

He’s gonna turn it all around, just wait and see… He’s gonna make everything beautiful, just in time! Just don’t give up, Don’t give in… if you don’t quit, you’ll win! -Misty Edwards! (love that song!)



I was watching the Onething Conference tonight… Misty Edwards was leading worship… Dec. 28th 2011…  and she was singing one of my favorite songs of hers…

” I knew what I was getting into when I called you, I knew what I was getting into when I said your name…

I am not shocked by your failures or even by your sin… Only I can see the end of the beginning…”

(there’s more in b/w all that…)

“Just don’t give up, don’t give in, if you don’t quit, you’ll win, you’ll win!   Cause everything is in my hands, it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be ok…. ”

And then she just goes off singing about this! (She’s singing God’s heart! God is giving her the words to sing)

“I’m (God) not like your father- b/c even the best of them are broken brothers. For all men are broken and broken men break their children- who grow up to be broken men- But I’m (God) bigger than that! Come to me! I’m bigger than that!

Some of you have been so afraid to make the same mistakes.. etc…- but I have the power to rearrange everything and to break every chain!

(Misty says) We are all in this together and there is only ONE GOOD FATHER! and all He says… is Everything is in my hands, it’s gonna be alright, gonna be ok!

(God saying) For your babies are my babies and I will be your FATHER! I’m gonna turn it all around just wait and see. Gonna make everything beautiful just in time… it’s a matter of time!

I know that she was hearing the voice of the Lord! There are so many broken fathers in this world and broken children! God is saying that He can be your Father if you let him and He can restore all things! And He will take care of you!

My heart is for the children! The children of broken fathers and families! I want to see them restored! God is creating an atmosphere, to turn the hearts of the Father’s back to the Children. And the Children back to the Fathers!