JCox Creations

Poinsettia Wreath

This wreath was inspired by the poinsettias that my Grandmother left behind in her house. (Yes, she is still alive- but lving in an assisted living home.) I gathered some of her stuff that she wasn’t able to take with her and kept some of it, but I made this with her favorite flower of Christmas.

JCox Creations

Coca Cola Wreath

My sister came to me and asked me to make a wreath for her mother in law; and of course it’s a Coca Cola wreath!! We thought it would be hard to find Coca Cola things… but it wasn’t. We stopped at Hobby Lobby and found a few ornaments. Then one night as I was out to eat at Cracker Barrell we found some others. I then thought it would be great to get a Coca Cola sign to go in the middle of the wreath- but where oh where would we find one of those!!?? I had thought about maybe looking online- and then we remembered the little Coca Cola Pharmacy in town. For the 27 years that I’ve lived in this town- I have never been to this little store until a few weeks ago where we found the sign. I thought it was great!