JCox Creations

Memory Lane #3-Lilly of the Valley

This drawing is called “Lilly of the Valley.” I have always loved the term Lilly of the Valley. This drawing is of a girl- dancing, and loving Jesus (The big flower)… she has the nails in her hair to represent his forgiveness and her redemption. So she dances before the Lord- as he calls her away. To be with Him- the Lilly of the Valley.

JCox Creations

Memory Lane #2- Dark, Yet Lovely

I love this piece. During the time I was drawing this, I was going through a hard time with the Lord and many people.

I started drawing this not even knowing where it was going. It took me a few days, just with the body part.. and I eventually saw what it was. Then I added the head and more details. I was really impressed with the outcome and what the Lord was really telling me through this drawing! Even though we’ve heard- Dark, yet lovely so many times… this time I knew that it was for me.