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Christmas for C-HOP

Tonight I’m finally gonna get to decorating a little bit for the House of Prayer. I love the wreaths I made.. and the little tree I came up with!! Hope that everyone likes it all! I have some garland that I’m going to also use there… just gonna go with the flow on that… so no pictures of that. Just these:

IMG_9872 IMG_9873 IMG_9874 IMG_9879 IMG_9880 IMG_9882 IMG_9909 IMG_9910 IMG_9913 IMG_9920 IMG_9923 IMG_9932

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Fun, Creative, Tacky Wreath!

I was given a lot of things to help me to decorate for Christmas… so I decided to make a wreath with just some of the things I was given. I sat in my floor thinking… I’m just gonne be fun and tacky… Just gonna sit here and put things in this wreath and go with it… So I DID! and yes.. I love it! My favortie part about this wreath are the branches. But most of all… it’s full of fun! I just had to keep it how it was. So I did… 🙂


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Coca Cola Wreath

My sister came to me and asked me to make a wreath for her mother in law; and of course it’s a Coca Cola wreath!! We thought it would be hard to find Coca Cola things… but it wasn’t. We stopped at Hobby Lobby and found a few ornaments. Then one night as I was out to eat at Cracker Barrell we found some others. I then thought it would be great to get a Coca Cola sign to go in the middle of the wreath- but where oh where would we find one of those!!?? I had thought about maybe looking online- and then we remembered the little Coca Cola Pharmacy in town. For the 27 years that I’ve lived in this town- I have never been to this little store until a few weeks ago where we found the sign. I thought it was great!

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Yarn Fall Wreath

I’ve been a little busy here and there… but not too busy to get my creative juices flowing!

I went to my in-laws this past weekend and my (step) Mother-in-Law gave me some materials to make a wreath with. She had made this cute little wreath out of some of these materials for her house (which her house is immaculately decorated and amazing!) and decided to share her creativity with me. This is her wreath. She sent me a picture of it to go by…

And So I creatively created this: from a few of my own materials and some that she gave me as well.  This is gonna be part of my fall decor- and pretty much my first fall decor piece that I own! I have yet to start getting fall stuff and this is where I’m starting…



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Painting with my friend Paola

My friend Paola (Well, she’s kinda like my best friend! haha) came over to my house yesterday. We had to figure out how to keep our kids (her little girl, and my little man) busy, while we were gonna create a masterpiece! So we got this far… well Paola got this far. She has left it up to me to finish it.

I love to paint… and I sometimes just don’t know where to start… so I just turned on a Misty Edwards set from the webstream… I started listening to the set.. and I started hearing these words…

“You’ve been walkin in your calling, you’ve been set apart for me, my beloved… You are mine, you are mine, the sweetness of our love, it only grows, it only grows…and I want you to know- You’ve been set apart for me…Oh I want you to know, this is your destiny… So I say… Fall madly, fall widely, fall desperately in love… fall freely, trust completely in my heart, my heart for you!-Oh..fall madly, fall widely, fall desperately in love, fall freely, trust completely- you’ve been set apart for me… “-Word thorugh Laura Hackett… from the Lord… On Misty’s set Oct 4th…

And.. He says… do you know, how you caught my eye- in the secret place… where you chose to be mine?? Do you know how you’ve caught my eye?? In the Secret Place… where you chose to be mine… Do you know the way you move me? do you know the way you move me?? Do you know the way you move me?? do you know the way you move me???

Do you know- How you caught my eye… In the secret place… where you chose to die?? Do you know… how you’ve caught my eye?? In the secret place- where you chose to be Mine??
Do you know the way you move me, says the Lord?? Do you know the way you move me??
This set was amazing. Misty was really hitting at the heart… a person desperately wanting the Lord, but not knowing where to go or how to do it… Misty started singin this song.. “Leave every other lover and I press on…”  So I came out with this painting- (it doesn’t look anything like what Paola started with)
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Crazy Week… and Christmas Cards!

I’ve heard it said by many and even my own brain- that this week has been the longest, most boring week ever! Really… Thank God we finally made it to Friday!

This past week has also been a kinda hard week as well. Last Friday I was diagnosed with IC (Interstitial Cystitis) a disease of the bladder- they call it. I have to pretty much change my whole diet. I can’t have a lot of my favorite foods much anymore. And everything that I thought was helping my bladder, was actually making it worse! So yea. It’s been a hard week for me. But God is good! He will help me out. Most definately… I’m trusting Him.

In the midst of it all, I had a creative brain fart. I just couldn’t be me. I couldn’t sit down and put a color with a color, a leaf with a stick, or even a pen with a paper. I’ve just been goin fishin… sitting here not knowing what to do and waiting for the next bait to catch.  So finally, after pulling myself together, I got in my craft closet and put together these great little Christmas Cards… I love em!



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Memory Lane #5- LOVE

This drawing is my passion. LOVE, makes every wall in this heart of mine to break, every hindrance, every burden- take i down.

This is one of my most daily prayers. Even though sometimes my flesh likes to take over- my goal is to ‘love and be loved in return’! It’s hard in this life to understand everythng around us, and so we build walls and fake our way through things- but my prayer is that I will let Love in- no matter what. If I do that, then I know that I will be truly happy.

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Memory Lane #4- Just drawing…

I love drawing. It’s one of my favorite things to do. If you give pen and paper… I will start doodling and sometimes it might just end up being a picture. Sometimes I don’t even know what my picture is gonna look like when I start drawing. It’s great! 🙂 These are some of my favorites that I have placed in a scrapbook/memory book. Over the years of my life- I try to scrapbook my favorite things.