Madame Guyon

Madame Guyon…

My husband, being the informational seeking guy that he is… found this old Methodist Hymnal at the Arts Festival this past weekend. They hymnal was copyrighted in 1932, 1935 and 1939. It’s called The Methodist Hymnal.

He was flipping through the book during his lunch break at work yesterday and found a song by Jeanne Guyon (Madame Guyon)… it says “The Christian Life” as the Title… but it’s actually the category of that section. I don’t know if the hymnal is even named…

It reads:

vs 1.
“My Lord, how full of sweet content, I pass my years of banishment! Where-ever I dwell, I dwell with Thee, In heaven , in earth, or on the sea.”

vs 2.
“To me remains nor place nor time; My country is in every clime: I can be calm and free from care On any shore since God is there.”

vs 3.
“While place we seek, or place we shun the soul finds happiness in none: But with God to guide our way, ‘Tis equal joy, to go or stay.”

“Could I be cast where Thou are not, That were indeed a dreadful lot: But regions none remote I call, Secure of finding God in all.”

-Madam Guyon

(I’ve fell in love with Madame Guyon over the past year. I was first introduced to her by Misty Edwards’ song Like a Caged Bird. I kinda feel like I relate to Madame Guyon in some way. Her passion and zeal for the Lord was amazing. She didn’t care where she was, she would always be with God. Her passion was to waste her life at the feet of Jesus.)


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