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Crazy Week… and Christmas Cards!

I’ve heard it said by many and even my own brain- that this week has been the longest, most boring week ever! Really… Thank God we finally made it to Friday!

This past week has also been a kinda hard week as well. Last Friday I was diagnosed with IC (Interstitial Cystitis) a disease of the bladder- they call it. I have to pretty much change my whole diet. I can’t have a lot of my favorite foods much anymore. And everything that I thought was helping my bladder, was actually making it worse! So yea. It’s been a hard week for me. But God is good! He will help me out. Most definately… I’m trusting Him.

In the midst of it all, I had a creative brain fart. I just couldn’t be me. I couldn’t sit down and put a color with a color, a leaf with a stick, or even a pen with a paper. I’ve just been goin fishin… sitting here not knowing what to do and waiting for the next bait to catch.  So finally, after pulling myself together, I got in my craft closet and put together these great little Christmas Cards… I love em!



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Memory Lane #5- LOVE

This drawing is my passion. LOVE, makes every wall in this heart of mine to break, every hindrance, every burden- take i down.

This is one of my most daily prayers. Even though sometimes my flesh likes to take over- my goal is to ‘love and be loved in return’! It’s hard in this life to understand everythng around us, and so we build walls and fake our way through things- but my prayer is that I will let Love in- no matter what. If I do that, then I know that I will be truly happy.

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Memory Lane #4- Just drawing…

I love drawing. It’s one of my favorite things to do. If you give pen and paper… I will start doodling and sometimes it might just end up being a picture. Sometimes I don’t even know what my picture is gonna look like when I start drawing. It’s great! 🙂 These are some of my favorites that I have placed in a scrapbook/memory book. Over the years of my life- I try to scrapbook my favorite things.

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Wreath for my Mom

My mom loves to decorate. She is always asking my opinion and my husbands opinion. We are the crafty ones of the family. 🙂

My mom had this wreath that someone made her a long time ago… it was not very pretty.  So she gave me the wreath, and a lot of fall things to put on it… needless to say- I didn’t think that I was going to get anything out of these things… so I brainstormed… and I took everything apart. Even the leaves were on a vine… I cut them up. I stripped everything away…and made it new! (kinda like what God does- hehe!) So anyways… I made this…  I think it’s lovely! And I’m in love with it soo much!

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Memory Lane #3-Lilly of the Valley

This drawing is called “Lilly of the Valley.” I have always loved the term Lilly of the Valley. This drawing is of a girl- dancing, and loving Jesus (The big flower)… she has the nails in her hair to represent his forgiveness and her redemption. So she dances before the Lord- as he calls her away. To be with Him- the Lilly of the Valley.


Madame Guyon

Madame Guyon…

My husband, being the informational seeking guy that he is… found this old Methodist Hymnal at the Arts Festival this past weekend. They hymnal was copyrighted in 1932, 1935 and 1939. It’s called The Methodist Hymnal.

He was flipping through the book during his lunch break at work yesterday and found a song by Jeanne Guyon (Madame Guyon)… it says “The Christian Life” as the Title… but it’s actually the category of that section. I don’t know if the hymnal is even named…

It reads:

vs 1.
“My Lord, how full of sweet content, I pass my years of banishment! Where-ever I dwell, I dwell with Thee, In heaven , in earth, or on the sea.”

vs 2.
“To me remains nor place nor time; My country is in every clime: I can be calm and free from care On any shore since God is there.”

vs 3.
“While place we seek, or place we shun the soul finds happiness in none: But with God to guide our way, ‘Tis equal joy, to go or stay.”

“Could I be cast where Thou are not, That were indeed a dreadful lot: But regions none remote I call, Secure of finding God in all.”

-Madam Guyon

(I’ve fell in love with Madame Guyon over the past year. I was first introduced to her by Misty Edwards’ song Like a Caged Bird. I kinda feel like I relate to Madame Guyon in some way. Her passion and zeal for the Lord was amazing. She didn’t care where she was, she would always be with God. Her passion was to waste her life at the feet of Jesus.)

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Memory Lane #2- Dark, Yet Lovely

I love this piece. During the time I was drawing this, I was going through a hard time with the Lord and many people.

I started drawing this not even knowing where it was going. It took me a few days, just with the body part.. and I eventually saw what it was. Then I added the head and more details. I was really impressed with the outcome and what the Lord was really telling me through this drawing! Even though we’ve heard- Dark, yet lovely so many times… this time I knew that it was for me.



Sometimes I get lost. I get lost in my thoughts of how it should of been and how I could of changed everything in my life around with one thing I could of said. I get lost in the thoughts of tomorrow and not thinking about today and what it holds. I guess I can say that sometimes I just waste life away.

Yesterday I was at the House of Prayer. We were having our normal service and Rocky, our director/pastor said a few things that made me think about how I live my life. He said this quote:

“Those that are around you and are for you are far more significant that those around you who are against you.”

I literally felt something awaken in my spirit. I had been living this lie of- I’m not good enough.

So, here I am. I am working or gonna try to work towards my dream. I’m going to own my vision! It’s my vision and no one else’s. It may look like someone else’s but it’s not- It’s mine! My vision, what I want to do… and I’m gonna go for it!

Zechariah 4:6b and 7…

This is the Word of the Lord (to Zerubbabel)- “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” Says the Lord of Hosts. “Who are you, O’ great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become plain! And he shall bring forth the captsone with shouts of “Grace, Grace to it!” ‘

In other words… there’s a huge mountain- and by the Spirit of the Lord… we can say GRACE! GRACE to that Mountain and it shall be moved!! – That gives me something to think about more that all my thoughts of what could have… it now gives me the strength to overcome my present day battles and future battles as well. 🙂

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Memory Lane #1- The Sister Dance

This painting is by far my favorite.. It’s actually acrylic on paper. I call it the 3 sisters! In this painting there are 3 different girls dancing. One represents me (the purple), one represents my sister Jenny (the blue) and the other represents my sister Briana (the red). Each of us dance and each of these characters represent the kind of dance that we do.

My sisters and I grew up dancing in church. Yes, I said church. Why not? God made dance, why not use it for His glory?

We went to Canada one year on Spring Break. It was a family trip to the Toronto Revival. It was a great trip! In the mean time we were introduced to dancing as a gift from the Lord. Our lives were forever changed!

David danced… so we dance.