Hard to Trust…

Today I was really focused on bills and bills and more bills… And I just got overwhelmed, cried a lot and then got frustrated.

As most of you know, I’m a stay-at-home mom. So, as I was changing my sons diaper, I began to cry again. (I’ve had a lot of medical issues lately and just had a colonoscopy done) My son (19 months old)  looks at me and says “Momma?” and I just hide my face… and then he comes over and says “Momma?” and he hands me a book to read to him… and so I looked at it… and it was his toddler Bible. (God has a great sense of humor) And so I just open it… and it said

“Go into that land,” God said. “I will give it to you.”

“We can’t,” said some men. “The people are too big.”

“We can,” said other men. “God will help us. He promised.”

And so I remembered back… and God gave me that verse when we moved back to Cartersville! And He also told me when we got pregnant that he will provide for us… needless to say…  I’m gonna trust! Even when it looks impossible! B/c, yes, it’s hard to Trust in the Lord. It is. Only b/c we as humans… we can’t imagine a God who is invisible make something appear in the natural. But somehow, somewhere, he always comes through! No matter how hard, and how frustrating the circumstance- He does.

My heart has been so overwhelmed lately- that I’ve forgotten how to sit and really listen to what the Lord is saying. And if He is saying “Trust”- then I have to trust. Even if I’ve heard it a million times… and it says it everywhere in the Bible… If you don’t walk it out, you won’t see the promise! Trust! and obey… God will do everything He can for His children who will let Him. It’s our choice… Do you Trust Him??


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