I will not worry about tomorrow and all of its questions. I will just trust you- I will be waiting for treasures in Heaven.

For my heart is with you- for there my treasure lies.

My eyes are on you- for you are my delight.

Though I may not wear the garments of princes- you are my portion, you are my portion.

For you clothe me in your righteousness- you are my portion, you are my portion.

Though I may not sit at the table of kings- you are my portion, you are my portion.

For you feed me from the abundance of your hand- you are my portion, you are my portion.

You are my portion God- You are more than enough for me.”

-Song by Misty Edwards June 8th, 2012.

I have been reading a book called Fire Within by Thomas Dubay. And it’s about the Spanish Mystics from back when who came up with the concept that we could sit in the presence of the Lord and be taken away with the Lord… hmmm… Sounds familiar… just like the gospels!! While reading… I came upon the words sanjuanist and teresian… and looked them up and I found a writing from a random guy who came up with this conclusion:

“Americans are typically portrayed throughout the world as slaves of “inordinate attachments” to wealth and power, the virtual embodiment of everything in modern society that the John of the Cross world would have opposed. “-Stephen Payne

It’s crazy how much the world influences us… even Christians. I have found myself lately just trying to figure things out. It’s hard to come up with everything and anything that I can do- especially when it comes to my flesh trying to figure it out. But this weekend different people and different things have been teaching me to trust in the Lord. Friday night Mike Bickle taught on being faithful with the things of this age and we will have more in the age to come… and now I’m listening to Misty Edwards and she’s talking about hiding in the shelter of God. God is the only way in this world of “stuff” this world of “want and treasures.”

The church has been called in this season to trust the Lord. Esp in the economy we live in now and with the leadership of this country. If we can trust God the way He intends us to, He can turn our nation around. He can make all things good! And He will. B/c I know the end of the story! But it’s a matter of us as Christians – to stand up and ask the Lord for His treasures… whatever he wants to give us each day!

“Come Lord, sustain and refresh your church! Songs 2-5- Let us begin to trust you with our lives again. With the help of your hand… Lord make us a people who stand for Righteousness and justice. Give us the desires of our hearts and provide the things that we need. God I will not worry about tomorrow and all of its questions. For I will put my trust in you. You are the lifter of my head. Amen.”