I’ve been so blessed by the Lord lately. He has been giving me revelation after revelation through many things of how He is working in my life. I have began to realize it more and more b/c I’ve been able to be FREE from a lot of the mindsets that this world has put on me. I’ve decided not to worry. I found a song by Misty Edwards called Unattached Vagabond… and in the song… she says: “Nothing matters, nothing really matter but getting to my Jesus. Nothing matters, nothing really matters- outside of the Lord.”

It’s funny b/c my husband tells me this all the time. He says that it if doesn’t have any eternal value, then don’t worry about it. So I’m guessing God has gotten me to this place of not worrying about everything, more like thinking about everything, and just letting Him take control of the situations at hand.

I’ve been reading my Jeanne Guyon book. I’m beginning to really admire this woman for her faith and her boldness. I’m asking the Lord to make me that way. 🙂  Hopefully one day I will be as bold, but for now- I’m just understanding where the Lord is taking me.

In the book called Song of Songs, there’s an insert from a book called Justifications that she has written. (I’ve got to get me that book too!!)

And it says: “With those who devote themselves to the interior life; not only do they suffer persecution at the hands of a godless world and from people of regular lives, but far more severely from such pious (devoutly religious- making a hypocritical display of virtue) and spiritual minded persons as are not interior. These latter do it as a matter of duty, not being able to recognize any other way as right but that in which they themselves are walking. But their most violent assaults come from pretended saints and false devotees, whose foul characters, wickedness and hypocrisies they detect as the are enlightened by the truth of God. This gives rise to an opposition b/w such persons and those who are truly spiritual, like that between the angels and demons.”

This paragraph led me to a lot of understanding to a lot of the things going on in my life. It’s hard for me to understand “religious.” I guess b/c I’ve been an interior person (seeking the Lord with their whole heart) all of my life. I guess I was protected from it for so long that I thought that everyone was interior who were Christians… but as I can see… they arent- and some are just as godless as the ones who are out in the world of non-believers. I just really hope and pray that this godless nation will somehow become and Godly nation. I want people to understand the way I understand Christianity to be- a true, devout, relationship with the Lord. B/c that’s all that matters… not religion, denomination… It’s just about getting to Jesus and being unattached to this world… As my dad says: “If you’re a friend of this world- you’re an enemy of God.”

Now that I’m understanding… it’s just getting better and easier to let things go. And to see that people are going to be people. We aren’t all perfect and we aren’t all the same in beliefs- but we can be Christian-like; more like Jesus-like. And LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

As it says in Eph 6:12  For we do not “wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalites, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Just remember to keep running the race no matter who comes against you- God will get you to where you need to be. “B/c nothing matters, nothing really matters outside of the Lord!” -Misty



Have you ever thought that sometimes when reading a book, that it’s actually prophecying your very life at the moment!? I do! I guess that’s b/c I don’t read that often and when I do… I rarely can continue… but something has made me grip onto this book by Jeanne Guyon. (I believe it’s God!)

I was reading some of it today… the Song of Songs Commentary by Jeanne Guyon. It is sooo good! I sometimes can’t put it down. And I actually write down and underline as much as I can! It’s absolutely amazing and so is the Song of Solomon. The Song of Solomon can also be an allegory to everyday life or more like an every year life kinda thing. (well I believe so) It’s so wierd how some of the things I’ve been reading- I feel as though it’s what I’m going through right now; more like, I can RELATE!!

So… Songs 2:7

7) I charge you, daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the does of the field, that you do not stir or awaken my Love until she pleases.

Jeanne goes on to write about vs 7: You sleep in a spiritual sleep in your Betrothed’s arms. How strange a thing that people, even spiritual people, are eager to awaken you from this gentle slumber. 

The daughters of Jerusalem are loving but meddlesome (fond of meddling; interfering) souls. They are anxious to wake you for apparently the most valid reasons. But you are soundly asleep that you cannot be awakened. The Bridegroom speaks for you, holding you in His arms and charging others not to awaken His dear one. He tells the impetuous (acting or done quickly and without thought or care) daughters that you are more pleasing to Him at rest than in most outward activity. “Do not wake her,” He says, “nor disturb her sleep. When I am ready to call her, she will be pleased to awaken and follow.”

Wow… I just can’t believe how much this goes with what I believe I am going through at the moment. I know that there are plenty of people wanting me to do things and be things that I can’t be right now… only b/c I’m asleep and resting in the arms of the Lord. I want Him to call me to the things that He has called me to and not just anyone. Only b/c when God calls me, I know that I will be ready. And that I will do as He says in humbleness and Love. I will be able to awaken my heart to many things that I’ve closed it down to.

Over the years I’ve had so many wounds from the meddlesome and impetuous daughters of Jerusalem. And I’m tired of dealing with them. Most people don’t know my past and all the horrible things that have been said to me, but I don’t want those things or those people to define who I am and continue to be a cycle in my life. I want to be asleep in the Lord and understand His Love and how I can Love with His Love. For only with His Love I can truly Love. I can’t expect people to fit into my hurtful world and change it. I’ve got to let God change my hurtful world and be the Bridegroom he is. My protector.

Earlier I was using these passages as a metaphor in my life. I was thinking about my husband and how amazing he truly is. He understands me sometimes more than I do! And he gives me more insight to myself than I ever thought that I could. He points out my many ways that no one else understands, and he still loves me for me. You can only know someone really if you know their heart. And well, my hubby knows my heart. He knows exactly how to take me and how to understand me. Maybe sometimes I need to use a filter with my words… but I believe that God made me the way I am… and honestly most of the time… what I say and the heart behind my words are 2 totally different things. I’m only good with words when I write… outspoken is a downfall of mine. But I’m learning… and my bridegroom, my husband is helping me every bit of the way. He’s holding me in his arms and whispering the things that I need to hear- the things that only a best friend can really know and say.

So… as I’m asleep. I hope that God gives me the guidance and courage to speak. The wisdom of solomon to know the difference b/w impetuous and caring people. I pray that God awakens me to be ready for all that He has called me to do. B/c I am willing to go the distance. I am willing to fit into the car (in dreams they mean ministry- my purple lavendar sports car!!)  of His choice for me!



During the whole winter, the trees appear dead; they are not so in reality, but, on the contrary, are submitting to a process which preserves and strengthens them. For what is the effect of winter? It contracts their exterior, so that the sap is not uselessly expended and abroad, and it concentrates their strength upon the root, so that new roots are pushed out and the onld ones strengthened and nourished and forced into the soil. -Note by Jeanne Guyon Song of Songs Commentary

I believe I will remember this the next time I feel like I’m going through a “winter” season in the Lord. (Hopefully it’s not soon 🙂 ) but this makes so much sense and makes me think of
Eph 3:16-19- “16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, 17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— 19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.