I was intrigued by the melody of a song. And I found out the song was called We Found Love by Rihanna… so I checked it out. Needless to say… my creative flesh got in the way of what my conscience was saying… and now, I’m having to fix what I just saw and heard with Misty Edwards.

I’ve learned over the years that the Creative Flesh always has a way of pulling me or anyone to the wrong venue, and if we aren’t careful, we get stuck there. I’ve been very good about keeping my lustful venues out and trying my best to stay in the Word and in  Godly music, but the enemy always knows what catches me. He knows that I like melodic tunes. He has spent so much time on this earth that he knows just where each person will turn. It’s forever been a recurring thing.

So now, I’m sitting here listening to a song by Misty Edwards that says “Draw me away with you, Lord.” I definately need it, b/c of what I saw and heard… I need about 20 doses of Jesus! It’s so wierd how one little thing can capture your heart and turn you away from God! I’m learning. And sanctifying my soulish ways. I’m trying my best to heed the Word of the Lord. God has to grip my heart time and time again to keep me away from this world. And He does! He always does and has. The only thing is… are you gonna listen to Him? Am I gonna trust that He is the One that I need to follow? Even if I’ve been disappointed and disappointed… time and time again… I can never get away from God… b/c I fell in Love with Him when I was 5 and He’s all that’s ever mattered in my life!

There are some things that I will always like that are secular… but I can’t be drawn into the world and be corrupted to death. “The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy,” as my father always told me. Once I let one thing in… another comes up… and my Creative flesh always wants something more creative! Only b/c my heart is Creative… and the more creative I am… the more I want. (I hope that makes sense!) We only crave what our soul longs for… and that’s more! Why not crave God!? Why not seek the things of Him? Only then can I really be free! And my Creative soul will be much more than my creative flesh.

So Lord.. Draw me away… again and again and again. I don’t need this world. I don’t need a good hopeless place to feel satisfied… I need you God! And only you!


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