It’s been so crazy lately… after I did the whole study myself on Adam and Eve… Everyone around me is talking about them! It’s crazy how God works. He is tryin to get his point across to people for intimacy with Him.

I was listening to the Passion fo Jesus conference this morning and Lou Engle spoke. He started talking about a book that’s called “The Window of the Soul” (which I am working on getting!) And from that book he read a passage where God went to the Garden of Eden in pursuit of Adam and Eve, even after they had sinned and were ashamed. God wanted them still. He wanted that close relationship with Adam and Eve just like He had it; but with sin in the way, man denied the relationship.

So God tries, throughout the whole Bible, to pursue a man who will have a relationship with Him, as Adam and Eve did. And He still does to this day! He Loves His people. God draws us thorugh His Word! He reaches to us through His word. We have to take off the “fig leaves of shame” and reach back to God! Whether it’s through writing, dance, poetry, art, painting, etc… when we reach to God through anything that we do, He reaches back.

When Lou was speaking, all I wanted to do was get back in the habit of being creative again. God does use creativity… for he is the Creative God! Who else can paint a sky like him? Who else can shape and mold a person with His bare hands to be magnificent, fearfully and wonderfully made? God gives us Passion for Jesus in so many ways… we just have to learn how we want to use them.

Just remember: the next time you’re reading your Bible, instead of thinking that it’s just words- think about the fact that there’s an Uncreated, Creative God, a living Being behind those words who is reaching for you. Talk to Him and He will talk back!

God give me Passion once again… Passion for Jesus!


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