Restoring Injured Relationships

Above is link to the video by Mike Bickle on Restoring Injured relationships….

Lately, it’s been a real battle with many relationships in my life. It’s frustrating.

As I was listening to this teaching, I could see places in my own heart that I needed to work on. And I could see the offense that I’ve had with so many people lately. It’s so easy to stay in a place of offense and be negative- only b/c it’s not the way of God’s Kingdom! It’s the earthly, fleshly way of this world. I could see in my life the ways that I’ve went and I know that many out of many times I’ve went the wrong way. But God is bigger than that… bigger than me… and he sees my heart. He knows that I want restoration in many of my relationships… but I just don’t know how to lay down my pride and go after them. And well, I guess I’m starting that right now! (And hopefully sticking with it!)

Mike was talking about relationships in a way of appealing to the other person when you are offended with them. He makes it known that when your heart is bruised by someone or you or offended with them, that you go to that person and appeal to them directly… and not someone else first. And that hit me home… it really did. I’ve been the one to go to someone else and just slander a person… and ruins my heart towards them. Mike talks about when you are hurt at someone and you talk negative about them to another person, you forget that you really liked that person. And then when you see them, you remember how much fun you had… or how much you actually liked being their friend, or even family.

Mike said for every negative comment or negative accusation- there needs to be 10 positive things that are said… And that one life event doesn’t help heal all broken wounds or bruises in the relationship. The only way that the relationship can be saved is if both parts work at it…  and the more they work at it… the greater it will be.

He talked about when goin to the other person and appealing to them; first thing is to understand that we are all self-centered and self-absorbed… that’s just the human race. We can’t think that we are perfect and “much older” and wiser to hurt someone… Anyone and everyone can hurt someone- Fathers to Children, Husband to Wives, Friends to Friends.

We just have to recognize the hurt, the bruised spirit, the woundedness and go after it. We have to tend to our hearts and the hearts of our friends like we would a garden. We can’t just think it will work out or let it go… and pretend like nothing ever happened. And we can’t buy their happiness, friendship, love… we have to understand forgiveness and let the hurt go. We have to talk it out and move on… anger and bitterness lead to death and destruction- where love and friendship lead to life!


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