“Sometimes people are guided by leaders who are dead to the things of this world, and who do not teach their followers to deny theirselves so that Christ might live in them. If you follow a human path you will turn aside from the true Way. You may jump from one spiritual guide to another and frequently change your beliefs without ever arriving to anything solid. The wander arises from a failure to listen to the sweet and clear voice of Jesus Christ.” -Jeanne Guyon

The Lord has really been having me focus on what I believe and not what others believe around me. It’s hard to grow up in this world trying to figure out what you believe. I have parents that have raised me in a Christian home and I still am trying to search out the deep things of God to find out what I believe.

All I know is what it says in Matthew… if it’s true let it be tested. For if it’s not, there will be no fruit behind it to satisfy. (rephrase of Matthew 7:15-20) And that’s the way it should be.

I can’t just go on what a leader says. B/c if I did, how can I ever build my relationship with the Lord the way that I need to. If I went to church all those years just b/c my parents dragged me there… then I wouldn’t be the christian woman that I am today. I had to really seek it out for myself and seek out the heart of God. I had to feel the Love of God for myself in order to believe it. And I did.

I learned the way to life everlasting. I learned about God and who He really is. I didn’t just take anyone’s word for who God is. It’s not the way that God works. He wants us to seek Him and find Him b/c that’s the way of true Love. If someone had of told me to just marry my husband without me seeking out my true feelings for him- it would’ve been a disaster! But b/c I sought out a relationship with him, I learned that I could love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him; and the same goes for God. We as the people have to search the length, the width, the height of God’s love in order to know it. Pastors and leaders are there (the true ones) to help shepherd and guide us in the right direction. They are there to help encourage us in the path to righteousness and teach us about the ways of God; but they aren’t the ones that we are supposed to “follow.”

Try not to wander away from the Lord by getting to caught up in the religiosity of church, b/c if you do, you will get lost. Follow God. He will be the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life.  I’m not saying don’t go to church, I’m saying find a church with a leader that pushes you into God and doesn’t lead you astray. Find a leader who has God’s best interest at heart and not his own.


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