I had a dream on Feb 4th-5th… A Saturday to Sunday… the same Weekend Corey Russell and Jace Olsen were in town for a conference at our House of Prayer…

The Dream: I was at IHOP Cartersville… and we were in a new building that was made of bricks and had huge windows. Everyone that was at the House of Prayer heard this huge sound  and so we all went to the Windows that were in front of the House of Prayer and we looked out. They were open and this helicopter lifted up off the ground and said… “You are under a Tornado Warning!” And we all were in shock. We looked up and saw 2 lines right next to each other that split the sky in half… but the lines were rotating in a circle around us like a radar. 

I then went to the next room and I saw another window and I went to it and looked out  of the window to the sky and as I did, I saw this Tornado start spiraling down to the ground and I yelled out “TORNADO!!!” and everyone panicked and started running for cover. Me and my friend Paola grab our children and said, “hurry grab the children!” And we did. We started running to the basement and got to the basement where my friend becca (pregnant) was. I then saw another Tornado spiral out of the sky through the basement window and I yelled “TORNADO!” again… and then a 3rd time… but the thing about it… out of all 3 Tornados… nothing happened… we were safe… it didn’t damage anything… 

I keep thinking to myself… we were safe under the radar. We were under the watchful eye of the Lord! And I believe that the church will be safe… as long as we pray and believe we are… even though we were panicked… God still took care of us… and he gave us a warning before hand…


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