I’ve started a new book. It’s called “The Song of the Bride” by Jeanne Guyon…

This book! AMAZING! I have yet to get to page 10 without trying to write notes and copying it word for word! It’s incredible. The book is about the Song og Solomon in the aspect of a love story. There are many different interpretations of the Song of Solomon… which I like them all… but I mainly love the love story! All b/c it’s about LOVE! 🙂

This blog though is about the gifts of God… the gifts that He has chosen to give to me… and many others…

“When your heart displays enough faithfulness to be willing to give up the gifts of God in order to reach God himself, God will shower you with the very gifts that you have set aside. But God quickly removes Himself from those who are only seeking His gifts and graces, and not Him alone.”

This paragraph stole my very heart. I’m always asking God, what gifts do you want me to use? Which one is the best? How may I offer it to you? How can I portray the gifts and talents you have given me? And then, I get scared to even use them, or I feel like I will mess everything up… but this… as it’s talking about seeking the Lord and your gifts added to you… I can see how everything will just end up as it should be!

It’s crazy how I’ve heard this time and time before about seeking God and everything will be added to you… but everytime I hear it, it sounds new again. I guess b/c God always speaks the same things in different forms… He knows how to get my attention. I want to use my dance, my paintings, drawings, etc… all for God… and God alone… and I want to bless others with the gifts that God has given me, but I can’t if I’m not seeking God. If I’m not willing to go the distance to get the revelation, how can I be willing to go the distance in being creative? God knows me, my very form, He knows my very thoughts and He knows what I’m capable of (psalm 139)… I just pray that He will give me the gifts that He has given me, as I seek His face… and He blows my mind! Who knows… I may even find out that I have a unique gift that I don’t even know about yet?? hmmmm…


2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. I love Jeanne Guyon!! And you are right about seeking Him first…. it sounds so obvious, but we don’t see much of that in practice.
    There is this missionary from a very small town in Brazil who end up traveling the whole Europe preaching the gospel and one day when he suddenly realized how far God had brought him, he asked Him: “Lord, what am I doing here? I was supposed to be in my poor village, living my little poor life”. Then the Lord told him: “Son, you are where you are just because you rather be in my Presence than anywhere else”.
    Oh the places He will take us and the things He will do through us if we just choose the “best part”. He is truly the ONLY way.

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