I’ve been listening to this song ever since I’ve gotten it! It’s amazing! It’s the story of our lives here on Earth and that cost that our lives had for Jesus to take away the sins of the world. The word harlot is the right word to choose, b/c we choose other lovers before God (even I do), We all do! But God still loves us enough. He loves me! He loves you! God has chosen a bride, and He is jealous over her. He wants His bride all to himself, but the problem is: Will His bride choose Him?? Will you! Me: Most definitely! I want to be in the mast amazing wedding of my life and be a part of something greater than this world.

In the song she talks about a bride who has been blamed as the Harlot by the accusers and the accuser of the brethren (satan), and yes, they are right. But, God intervenes on her behalf and takes of the cup of her blood. It’s so unimaginable that someone would take on all the sins of the world… or is it? But do we choose Him? Everyday I wake up and I ask God to help me, whether it’s to Love Him more, Love people more, or even to Love myself more. God is waiting for the Wedding day! Waiting for the day that we will choose to Love and Honor Him in all His glory!

“oh, the blood, oh the blood… ” as Misty sings. The realization of what it took Jesus to do as He was beaten and held accountable. “He drank of the cup with my name on it” as she sings in utter shame… I mean, as I think of the sins that I have committed- I just awe! The dirtiness of guilt and shame just run through my brain. He didn’t do that! Jesus didn’t! I did! But He took the blame so that I could be with Him forever and ever, always in Eternity.

“For Worthy is the Lamb! Worthy is the Lamb of God…” We all get to sing! For He is worthy! He is definitely Worthy! He Loves me. He Loves me! Oh, How He loves me! Even in the midst of my sin and shame… He calls me “Beauty… Beauty Arise.” No one will really know the depth of this Love until they experience it for themselves… I have, and I long to go deeper in that Love! Everyday the deeper I go, the more shallow it becomes, I have to keep digging and digging to where my relationship with God can grow… God created us for His purpose. He wrote our Love story… He wrote the novel to my life: and that’s to be in Love with Him and growing in His vastness of His Beauty.

Who knows when that day will come, The Marriage of the Lamb? I just want to be ready! With my lampstand (life) full of oil (Jesus). I want to know that everyday when the accuser accuses me that I chose (or will choose) Jesus… and I will forever and ever. It doesn’t matter how many times I fall, God will always pick me back up and say… I Love you! And am I satisfied with His Love?? YES! I am!


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