It is about time we lift up the Son of Man, the Savior of both Men and Women. When we see Jesus as the Son of Man, we will find that in Him, men and women are reconciled; we will take our position in Christ, and we will begin to minister harmoniously side by side, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 148 par 3

Ministering with Jesus, side by side, my husband and I! Awe! the day! I can’t wait. I mean we do minister now, but at the same time, God has so much planned for our life together! My heart has always been about unity. And yes, my heart has been hardened some by this world and I’ve completely went the opposite way, but still deep inside I yearn for unity among my life and among the brethren! God has a purpose for His people to be unified, in Him as He is unified in His Son… who is also the Son of Man! God has made a way, and that’s only through Jesus!

Ephesians is my favorite book of the Bible! And Ephesians 4 is all about untiy! For there is ONE GOD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM… and I want that to be the center focus in the Church! B/c when it comes to different denominations and their tactics of “Christianinty,” we all suffer. You’re either for God or against Him, and that’s all that matters! For me, I want to be For God and not against Him! I don’t want to be offended with Him! I want to be in Unity with Him and walk where He wants me to go, Talk about what He wants to talk about, Breathe the same air that He’s Breathing! All of it! Untiy with Jesus is the only true Unity that is worth living for! Worth dying for! (I’m still learning this day by day.)

The devil- He knows that if all men and women stand together in ministry, “God will shatter the head of His enemies… [and their] foot [will] shatter them in blood. -Psalm 68:21-23. -Ed Silivoso-Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 151 par 2

This takes us back to the passage of Psalm 68 from the beginning… where the women are at home partnering with men out on the battlefields using prayer. Psalm, 68:11…

Women’s positioning is not intended to demean them but is part of God’s strategy. God allows women to be camouflaged as flocks of silvery doves resting on stained sheepfolds, hiding in lowly places while He waits for His enemies to exalt themselves. However, when He finally deploys women, everyone will see the gold-until then hidden- glistening in the pinions and will come to appreciate their value. No one will see it more clearly than the men standing next to them in ministry. In that hour, women’s finest, everyone will see that they are indeed twice refined! -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 151 par 4

So when it all comes down to it… Unity with Jesus, will bring Unity b/w man and woman, and all will see that women are important, they are called by God! And they are very important to what the Lord has planned for His Bride. When Men and women are in Unity with Jesus, nothing can stand in their way….

Thanks for being on this Journey with me as I ventured along with Ed Silivoso and his book Women:God’s Secret Weapon! Read it for yourself! There’s a lot more to it… I just highlighted things that I focused on!


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