You will not be able to forgive others until you alllow the grace of God to flow all the way back and touch every evil thing done by you and to you. You must exchange the old things for new things. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 143 par. 1

I’m almost to the end of this book and didn’t realize how much unforgiveness a person could have in their heart towards someone! I have been recently trying to apply grace to my life and to forgive all of those who have done things to me. Everyday is a struggle, b/c I still have people coming against me and saying things; but I just have to put those things aside, seclude myself from them, and pray for them! It’s hard, yes I know, but in the end, when I learn to love them all over again, it will be worth it! 🙂 I hope! 🙂

Whereever you are reading these words, I urge you to choose to apply grace to every person that has hurt you right now. Take every sin committed against you by members of the opposite sex, by leaders, by peers, and by relatiives, put them in a pole and cover them with grace that God has already given you, which is part of the grace that first saved you.  -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 143 par 4

I don’t know if I remember every offense that someone has against me, or even know of any. Or I don’t know of all the things I’m offended at people with; but I do know that if there has been anyone, God will show me in time, so that I can forgive them and walk into my destiny FREE of shame and condemnation! God is wanting all of His people to be doers of the WORD to forgive and forget as he does…

I was listening to Lou Engle today and he said to read Matthew 5,6,and 7… the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle… and become that lifestyle! God preached it as His constitution for His people to live by! 🙂 The Sermon on the Mount, Chapter 5:1-10 are the very Characterisitics of God! God wants the opposite of the world! His Kingdom is the inside upside down Kingdom, where you die to gain and lose to Win! (- Misty Edwards) …

So… YOU! learn to give grace and forgive! It’s the only way to true Freedom in Jesus!


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