Intimacy in Marriage, the closest relationship between genders, is vital. Without this closeness the image of God continues to be distorted here on Earth, since both man and woman have been equally entrusted to maintain intimacy in their relationship. In addition, lack of intimacy opens the door to the enemy by rendering a key flank ( the side of a person’s or animal’s body between the ribs and the hip) vulnerable. -Ed Silivoso- Women:God’s Secret Weapon pg 108 par 2.

When it comes to it, the enemy will do anything to make separation b/w a man and woman in marriage possible. I was watching a movie last night and it was about the “family” and Christmas… but the movie had a gay couple… 2 men who were supposed to like each other… I was digusted! The enemy is taking holiness out of marriage. He is using women in the world to provoke men to lust and he’s possesing men and women to like their own sex…

-We have seen the aspect of Adam and Eve, where Adam blamed Eve for separation, which in turn it was their fault together. But in the case of Noah… It was Noah’s fault. He disobeyed the Lord. The Lord told him in 8:16…

“Go out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and your sons’ wives.” Look closely at how God placed Noah’s wife next to him and ahead of the children. Sequential order is important in biblical narratives, especially when God is the one enunciating it…. unfortunately, Noah did not follow God’s instructions. The narrative in Genesis tells us, “Noah went out, and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives.” Gen. 8:18. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 107 par 4 & 5.

God wanted Noah and his wife to make ammends for Adam and Eve, but Noah didn’t follow God’s orders and in turn made women once again the lower end of the spectrum. -this in turn is still happening today… the structure of marriage is still under attack!

God has always intended for Man and Woman to be in intimacy… ONE! That’s why he fashioned a woman from a man, because of the unity that it expresses. God could have made woman from the dust, just like he did man; but He didn’t.

God is the one who created Marriage. In fact, He likes marriage so much that He opened the Bible with a marriage and closed it with another one. He performed the first marriage in the Garden and He will preside over the wedding of Christ and the Church as the close of the ages. Jesus Himself performed what is believed to be His first miracle at a wedding. Several times afterward He used the imagery of marriage to teach the noblest truths. …. Yes, God loves marriage, and He Definately stands behind it. -Ed Silivoso -Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 110 par 2 and 3

I’m so happy to say that God stands behind my Marriage! My husband and I try to be in Unity in everything that we do or say. We can’t stand to be separated from each other. We know that once we start something that isn’t Unity in our marriage, then it will stay that way… and we don’t want to make being apart a habit that the enemy can use. My parents have always been the image of marriage that I want in my life. Even though so many people don’t understand untiy, God has placed His untiy in my heart. I see so many marriages that are falling apart just b/c people don’t make time to be together, or they stay apart so they don’t have to face the consequences of their mistakes. People would rather stay comfortable than to “die to self” and be married. Marriage is hard, it takes work… but a glorified marriage takes will and effort to be together in Unity, everyday, all day, same place, same time, same BED!

The most natural and intimate prayer pairing of people comes in marriage. If a husband and wife who share the same house, a bed, a table and a family, exercise this power consistently, the kingdom of darkness will suffer terrible damage. Jesus told us that everything we asked in such context of unity will be done by His Father in Heaven. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 111 par 1.


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