Why did he choose Eve?

It was Eve’s remarkableness that made her the target of Satan’s scheming. Her strengths rather than her weaknesses singeled her out in the devil’s mind. Eve, as an expression of God’s most sophisticated craftmanship, especially her unique ablitly to host and nurture life, must have caught Satan’s attention. -Ed Silivoso  pg 55 par. 1

God created male and female in his image. But in female… he placed a lot of other things inside of her that he didn’t give male. Eve was an incredible creation. She was fascinating… and I believe that’s why the enemy went after her. He knew of the things that she was capable of because he had seen God at work. Satan was an angel in heaven. He was intimate with God. He knew God and he knew that God had a bigger plan. So, Satan decided to go after it. And b/c the woman was different than the man… Satan knew that there had to be a reason to go against her. He knew that if he made Adam against Eve; then he could probably have the whole world against God.

And well… Satan got what he wanted. His plan has worked for many many years. And is still continuing. Women all around the world are used in so many terrible things and are abused daily. There are so many things in this world that involve the torment and murder of women because of Satan’s schemes… and it’s not b/c they are the lower and weaker ones; it’s b/c they have something even greater to live for. God made them with an image of creation, part of His creation- to give LIFE! So in order to stop them from LIFE bearing, the enemy has made them the image of death.

Women have been abused mentally and sexually by men, that they have forgotten the reason that they were created. Their minds have been shaped to the “worldy” atmosphere of “love and lust.” And Satan has it all wrapped around his finger. The woman has become that slave of Satan rather than the defeater. And Men have helped Satan.


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