As a result in the Gap between Man and Woman- the children are the most affected! Why? Because things are passed down generation to generation.

Children are a vital part of the Kingdom of God. God includes that many times in the Bible. They represent new LIFE, new generations, new everything. But we as parents sometimes don’t realize the affects that we have on our children. We continue our everyday life doing things and saying things that affect our children.

Even though the Old Testament closes on a very high note of hope, predicting that in the last days God will turn the hearts of parents toward their children (Mal 4:4-6), for this to happen parents must be reconciled among themselves first. Reconciliation is needed because many, if not most of the problems among the youth today are the visible expression of roots hidden beneath unresolved gender issues which trace their original source back to the Garden. -Ed Silivoso, Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 46 par4.

Reconcilitaion comes in the form of forgiveness! Forgiveness… it’s the hardest thing that people deal with everyday. Even I still have unforgiveness against a people in my life; but that doesn’t mean that we can just remember it one day and forget about it the next day. We have to truly forgive each other in order to have that true relationship with one another. If a person is going to forgive another person for something- then that should be the end of it. The only reason things continue to come up in a person’s life that they believe they have already forgiven is the prime example of unforgiveness. God forgives and forgets. He does, and we are the ones who continually brings things up or hold things over people’s heads. If we as people could be more like God and Jesus… and stop being fleshly and abandoned to the world, there would be reconciliation and peace! Real peace!

So, in order for the Children of this world to be united with the parents… It’s the parents’ of the world who need to be reconciled with each other and their children. A child doesn’t make a father a father or a mother a mother. The Father and the Mother make the child. And they are the ones responsible in keeping their children. It doesn’t matter their age, their religion, their character or anything; what matters is that there is unity and LOVE being shown in every home, in every family for reconciliation to take place.


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