“Every sin affects relationships on 2 levels: vertical, between people and God, and horizontal between 2 or more people. When Adam and Eve experienced sin, in addition to breaking fellowship with God, they also broke fellowship with each other. The perfect intimacy they once enjoyed was shattered. The same Adam who days before described Eve as “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” and coined the word “woman” to describe her, now disowned her and accused her before God of being the source of his spiritual misery.”  -Ed Silivoso, Women: God’s Secret Weapon- pg 45 par.2.

Through relationship, Sin reveals the worst of it all. God intended to have intimate relationship with Adam and Eve all the days of their lives… He was there to commune with them:  to walk with them, to have conversations about the world with them; but Adam and Eve chose to turn from God. And the choice cost them their lives. God gave them free will, because He loved them. He knew that day that the enemy would tempt Eve. He knew. But He let her choose, because He loved her so very much. If God had stopped Satan and Eve, there wouldn’t have been a choice and without choice, there wouldn’t have been love.

How does this affect us?? Men and Women now??

That moment when Adam (Gen 3:12) said, “That Woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate;” became the moment of disunity between the relationship between Man and Woman. Before that moment, there was nothing but true intimacy and friendship. When Adam stated “That woman” he stated that he couldn’t trust her anymore. He didn’t want anything to do with her. He basically kicked her to the curb!

And just think of what Eve thought when Adam said that… (I’m gonna put myself in her shoes): Humliliated, broken, hurt, frustrated, confused, unloved, not beautiful, unappreciated, disappointed, manipulator… And all this became the world. It became the world’s way of looking at a woman. And that’s why women have been so distraught and pushed away in this world; they lost their reason to exist as God called them to be.

Intense! really Intense… The GAP that Man forced upon oursleves is the gap that the enemy created to reveal- his hatred; but in all honesty… it’s what we’ve chosen for the past thousands of years! Why? Because we have sinned against God, ourselves and each other. Men and Women have to be reconciled with each other and God in order for the appropriate unity to be enforced in our society. The unity that was once made in relationship. The Pure Unity that hasn’t been tainted by the Sin of our hearts. Women need to be uplifted and encouraged and fought for instead of pushed back and punched at. Women of all the relationships in this world are the relationships worth having. God made it that way. Man needs woman and woman needs man. Relationship wise, it’s the only true way to defeat the enemy.

“When God took part of Adam to create Eve, he became totally male while she came to embody the female dimension of God. It is imperative for men and women to be reconciled in order to be able to fully express God’s image on earth.” -Ed Silivoso-Women:God’s Secret Weapon pg 46 par 2


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