It was Moses’ mother, along with his father, who challenged pharoah’s genocidal (a deliberate killing of a large group of people) decree when she preserved the life of the one who would lead millions of Hebrews to freedom. It was another woman, Miriam, who astutely (having or showing an ablitly to accurately access situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage) provided a crucial connection to Moses’ kinsmen by wisely suggesting that the baby’s own mother be his nanny. 

There was also Rahab (Joshua 2) , Hannah (Samuel 1) ,Deborah & Jael (Judges 4) , Queen Esther (book of Esther) … And God himself called Sarah “Mother of nations” (Gen. 17:16) and Priscilla taught appollo (acts 18:18,26). Paul identified 2 women as the headwaters of Timothy’s fatih (rom 16:2-16), the 1st european convert was Lydid (Acts 16:14,15).  Mary… the mother of Jesus…. the last to stand with him  as he hung naked on the cross.  -Ed Silivos: Women- God’s Secret Weapon pgs 34-37 (give all the examples of these women…) 

There are so many examples of women in the scriptures and there are even some books based on women! It’s incredible how the world has twisted the lie that women can’t be in power…, they can’t preach the gospel… – My dad told me of a story about a man saying that women aren’t supposed to be  in leadership in the church- and when a woman minister was mentioned, this man said she was of the devil!  There are so many false doctirnes out there… and people believe false doctirnes every day… even I do… and I’m working towards the truth… the real doctirne… the WORD of the Lord… the Bible! And the Bible states that men and women are equal, “we are all one in Christ.” Gal. 3:28.

No one thinks about the women in the Bible… they don’t. They think of the gospels and Jesus’ disciples… there are even women in the gospels that supported Jesus. They would give every penny to his ministry. B/c they knew who he was…

Women have an extroadinary sensitivity to spiritual things. -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s Secret weapon pg. 37

After I read this I realized how true it is! Especially with me! And then after reading this.. I got even more of a clue to how hard it is for  women to communicate to their husbands about the way they feel….

Intrinsically (belonging naturally) women are not more godly than men are, but they are definately more spiritual. By this I mean that they have the ability to express a greater range of emotions that enables them to experience worship on a more intense way. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 38

So, with that being said… we know that in the Bible and throughout so many years,Women have been a vital role in this world. Whether is through Christianity or the Secular world.  We just haven’t let them be all that God has created them for! Famous! He created women to be famous- in the home, in the business world and even in His eyes.


One thought on “#5famous

  1. I agree with all of that. Because of this I don’t understand why Paul talks about women like they were not suppose to teach and speak in the church. I think the guy you mentioned was basing his belief in that particular passage. I want to believe Paul was greatly influenced by the culture back there….. it doesn’t make sense to me when I read his intakes on women. But anyway… 🙂 Can’t wait to read more posts!

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