Did you know that in the Bible (Genesis 1), after God created each and every thing He said, “this is good;” but after the sixth day when he created woman He said, “this is very good.”  He was delighted. God was! He made everything he could think of out of the dust of the earth, but when it came to Eve… He put Adam asleep and fashioned her from a rib that Adam had!  Can you imagine the unity that God planned from that…? He made a woman from a man… he did it so that he could show the world how amazing a woman really is, b/c even though he made Adam and Eve; God also knew that they would not choose Him (Isaiah 46:10- He knows the beginning to the end) and what the world would do according to women!

The enemy has held women captive for far too long! Whether it be women of the world or women of God… The enemy is using them as slaves, sex objects, and also in power- through the business world.

“It is of paramount importance to realize that from the very beginning of life on planet Earth women have given God tremendous satisfaction. Women are not an afterthought or a late edition to God’s blueprint for the world, nor are they a piece of equipment created for the benefit of the so-called kinf of creation- man. No! If man is the crown of God’s creation, then women embody the jewels on that crown.” -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s secret weapon pg 26 par 2.

A woman is of up most importance… for they are the only ones who can carry LIFE! -baby! And even through that… the enemy has stolen! Women have got to understand that God has given them a gift of LIFE, nurture, and obedience to Him. (even if it’s by a rape… or what some call an “accident”- which no child is an accident and I hate that term!! )… there is no reason for Abortion! none whatsoever! The only one that has twisted that… is the enemy!

So we can see why the enemy wanted to confuse Eve… He wanted her in his hands… so that he could corrupt what God made to be perferct… only b/c he hated God and wanted his own power.

So now… In my case! I really want to make it known that I’m a woman of God! and I am gonna use my LIFE for his purposes! I don’t know the beginning from the end… I just know that in the End… when God comes for me… I want Him to know that I became the woman he has called me to be! A woman of LOVE, LIFE, and well… A woman of the most perfect GOD! who died for me! so that he could save me! 🙂  I am a jewel! a precious jewel!


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