The day that Eve made the decision to eat of the Tree of Knowledge; I wonder what was going on trough her head… Really… what do you think as a woman, if you were being tormented by the enemy himslef into doing something you didn’t want to do, but felt like there was no other choice at the moment… and well it was appealing to you anyways…   For ME… let me think…#1)  I would be totally horrified, especially if there was a snake talking to me. #2) I would be wishing that someone would ride in on a white horse and save me! #3) I would hope that if I ate it… I would still want to be wanted and loved. #4) I would be totally into it, b/c I was the one being paid the attention, to be able to make the decision… etc… And if I look at that correctly… Those are some of the main attributes to women’s hearts these days.

Before the fall… I’m sure that Eve never felt that way. But in that little moment. The enemy let her feel what it was like to be alone, wanted, the one to have the more power… He let her feel what it would be like if she had eaten the friut… and b/c of her choice and free will (God gives us!!) She chose to take the opportunity to want something else and in turn… she was ashamed that she left God, and that her own husband, Adam, said “be apart from me…. “(Gen 3:12)

-Awe man… just thinking about that day where I would had to have faced God in all his Glory and be forever be removed from it. I would be devastated… humiliated, ashamed, etc… Just thinking of the hurt and confusion of what I did… the choice b/w the God of all and His enemy of this world… Just being Eve… but then again… that’s what we relate to isn’t it? We relate to the Eve that fell and that made the wrong choice and we have forever lived in this world of disappointement b/c we can’t seem to get over the fact that we messed up and what’s even worse, that the men of our lives have forever blamed us for the whole ordeal… but, what if it where the other way around…or  what if Man didn’t eat the apple too… there was unity in the choice... Adam decided too, he chose too! He wasn’t there to tell her no, he didn’t save her or protect her… He went ahead and joined her.  But b/c of the Fear of the Lord, Adam became the man this world says he is and he became coward and ran away and took his wife with him.

WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE TRUE IMPORTANCE! The TRUTH! We have to get back to what Adam and Eve were created for… not dwell on the Mishaps of what happened… we can’t continue in this world as lost and foreign beings. We were created in HIS image… God’s image (Gen 1:26). We as Men and Women need to live for what we were created for… the Adam and Eve before the fall… Ones that dwell in the place of God, who can actually taste and see the Lord. Ones that live in His glory all the days of our lives here on earth! We need to think upon the True Identity of being made in God’s image and bear His name… From what I have learned… you can’t become like God if you’re not beholding Him…

“Deep intimacy must be restored for men to reclaim their role as protector and for women to be fully released to do what God intended from the beginning: to torment the devil with divinely sanctioned anger in order to keep him down!” -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 23.  (Now I know what God made me for! To torment the enemy… not him torment me!!! 🙂 )

Seriously: for the women…like Ed Silivoso says in his book Women:God’s Secret Weapon:  “Satan knows that when women find out who they really are, his evil Kingdom will come to an abrupt end.”

Why do you think the enemy came against the woman in the 1st place.. not b/c she was the weaker one… but b/c she was an IMPORTANT part of God’s plan. Women carry the emotions of God (men too), but she carries the most integral parts of what God feels towards people. Proverbs 31 reveals the parts of a woman that God ordained for her… and she is Virtuous and fully clothed in the image of God! Not the image of this world or the enemy… God has forgiven her for the wrong choice, why can’t women themselves and men forgive??

“Satan has worked hard to keep women down, oppressed, and humiliated. He has twisted our understanding of the scriptures so that women will not be release into ministry.”  -Ed Silivose Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 22. 

WHY!! B/c of the IMPORTANCE! of who men and women are! And who they become when they are in UNITY with GOD!! Can’t wait for that battle! Cause we all know who’s gonna win! – and that’s why the enemy comes against us… he doesn’t want us to! “It’s just a matter of time… Just wait and see… He’s gonna make everything beautiful… just in time…” -Misty Edwards!!


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  1. Interesting… what a great responsability for man to take care of his woman… to lead and protect against temptations. I know the message is mostly about women, but this really made me think how coward and weak Adam was. I see a lot of men blaming women for bad things… (like when we blame children for being disobedient and actually it’s our responsibility to train them). The same way, men should always take over themselves the responsability of building up their
    wives and preparing her for the Lord.

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