Women: God’s Secret Weapon: Par. 3- Introduction

Genesis  3:1-7 Is about the battle of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden, where the devil disguises himself as a snake and talks Eve in to eating from the Tree of Knowlede. (Seriously thinking about that… does that mean that animals talked before the fall of man… 🙂 haha… just something to think about… )

Ed Silivoso states:  “Apparently it was not meant to be an isolated incident, b/c immediately after the encounter, God decreed that the woman and her seed would oppose the devil forever (vs 14-16)”

The woman and her seed: It all comes down the the Woman and her seed (Her child!) Children are the very thing that this society looks down upon so much. We blame them for pretty much everything. If our finances are bad.. it’s b/c we have to buy something for the baby. If we want to get a break, it’s b/c of the baby. If we are left out it’s b/c of the baby… But we don’t realize children are the key… The definate key!

I was reading another book called  “Heaven is for Real” By Todd Burpo; this book is about a little boy who went to heaven. His dad was the author, but he pretty much told detail for detail the things that happened to his son. It’s an awesome book… But there’s one chapter in it that almost brought me to tears the whole time I was reading it… and it was called Jesus loves the Children… and throughout the whole chapter the little boy kept saying: “Dad, Jesus really loves the children,” and when his dad would say ok.. ok… he would look his dad in the eye and say, “No dad, Jesus really loves the children!”

We as women are the ones, who normally, raise the children and we get to know them more on a personal level than the fathers do (sometimes). We just have to realize how much a gift our children are to us… no matter the struggle in our hearts with them or our own personal endeavors. We have to remember the scripture that the Lord told us in Matthew.

Matthew 19:14  But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

He knew what the world would come to. God knew. That’s why he made it so clear in the scriptures how much He loves Children and Family. The number one thing that the enemy is against is God and second… God’s people.  And that’s the reason that he didn’t get rid of mankind… b/c right before the Wedding of us to the Bridegroom… there will be another battle b/w Woman and Her seed. And we have to be in unity with our children and cover them in prayer for them to see rightly the Kingdom of God and the amazing Attributes of God. Our children view us parents like they would view God.


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  1. You made me think about children in a whole different way now. I will keep that in my heart when my selfishness decides to take over! Thank you for sharing all this. Can’t wait to read more!

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