Did you know that Psalm 68:11-13   – Is talking about women?! 🙂

The Lord gave the word: Great was the company of those who proclamied it: “Kings and armies flee, they flee. And she who remains at home divides the spoil. Though you lie down among the sheepfolds. You will be like the wings of the dove covered with silver and her feathers with yellow gold.” 

God gave women the right to destroy his enemies… For they were the ones praying at home in an intimate relationship with him while their husbands were out in battle.

Women: God’s Secret Weapon: pg .  Introduction… Paragraph 1  –   … in this particular case they (women) are convened by the Lord to destroy His enemis…   

Convene: assemble or cause to assemble fo a common purpose (Gather)

My understanding is that God has placed women, just as much as he has placed men, on this earth to defeat the enemy!

Picture this… Go back to those 3 scriptures about the women being at home dividing the spoil (to diminsh or destroy the value or quality of) … They are taking the time to pray and sit at home learning about the Father and His ways of warfare. They are covering their husbands and sons in prayer… the Spiritual Realm… so that they can have the strength and power to destroy the enemy physically. Men and women were called together as a partnership with the Lord to make the enemy flee. Whether it’s husbands and wives… Or mother’s to Sons (and daughters)…  Just think that right now… if we as the women of God can get it together and partner with Jesus! That we can save the lives of many. Our husbands were given to us by the Lord. He was the one who convened our relationship in the first place. If only we could see that. If only we could see that our husbands and God (our husband) is everything to us. If we, as women, could just partner with them daily; we would see a whole world of difference.

My husband came home the other day and pointed out to me… “You know, God gave Eve to Adam. God walked Eve down the aisle in the first ever wedding in the creation of man. He caused them to be joined together in his sight all the days of their life together.”  As I sat there and thought about this… I got excited! Because in the end, there’s gonna be a wedding. And our Bridegroom will be waiting for us to be walked down the aisle. We just have to understand that God is everything to us. He wants to be. He has to be. Just like our husbands; because Marriage is a part of the Bridal Paradigm that teaches us the Love of the Lord. Real Love.


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