It was Moses’ mother, along with his father, who challenged pharoah’s genocidal (a deliberate killing of a large group of people) decree when she preserved the life of the one who would lead millions of Hebrews to freedom. It was another woman, Miriam, who astutely (having or showing an ablitly to accurately access situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage) provided a crucial connection to Moses’ kinsmen by wisely suggesting that the baby’s own mother be his nanny. 

There was also Rahab (Joshua 2) , Hannah (Samuel 1) ,Deborah & Jael (Judges 4) , Queen Esther (book of Esther) … And God himself called Sarah “Mother of nations” (Gen. 17:16) and Priscilla taught appollo (acts 18:18,26). Paul identified 2 women as the headwaters of Timothy’s fatih (rom 16:2-16), the 1st european convert was Lydid (Acts 16:14,15).  Mary… the mother of Jesus…. the last to stand with him  as he hung naked on the cross.  -Ed Silivos: Women- God’s Secret Weapon pgs 34-37 (give all the examples of these women…) 

There are so many examples of women in the scriptures and there are even some books based on women! It’s incredible how the world has twisted the lie that women can’t be in power…, they can’t preach the gospel… – My dad told me of a story about a man saying that women aren’t supposed to be  in leadership in the church- and when a woman minister was mentioned, this man said she was of the devil!  There are so many false doctirnes out there… and people believe false doctirnes every day… even I do… and I’m working towards the truth… the real doctirne… the WORD of the Lord… the Bible! And the Bible states that men and women are equal, “we are all one in Christ.” Gal. 3:28.

No one thinks about the women in the Bible… they don’t. They think of the gospels and Jesus’ disciples… there are even women in the gospels that supported Jesus. They would give every penny to his ministry. B/c they knew who he was…

Women have an extroadinary sensitivity to spiritual things. -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s Secret weapon pg. 37

After I read this I realized how true it is! Especially with me! And then after reading this.. I got even more of a clue to how hard it is for  women to communicate to their husbands about the way they feel….

Intrinsically (belonging naturally) women are not more godly than men are, but they are definately more spiritual. By this I mean that they have the ability to express a greater range of emotions that enables them to experience worship on a more intense way. -Ed Silivoso- Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 38

So, with that being said… we know that in the Bible and throughout so many years,Women have been a vital role in this world. Whether is through Christianity or the Secular world.  We just haven’t let them be all that God has created them for! Famous! He created women to be famous- in the home, in the business world and even in His eyes.



Did you know that in the Bible (Genesis 1), after God created each and every thing He said, “this is good;” but after the sixth day when he created woman He said, “this is very good.”  He was delighted. God was! He made everything he could think of out of the dust of the earth, but when it came to Eve… He put Adam asleep and fashioned her from a rib that Adam had!  Can you imagine the unity that God planned from that…? He made a woman from a man… he did it so that he could show the world how amazing a woman really is, b/c even though he made Adam and Eve; God also knew that they would not choose Him (Isaiah 46:10- He knows the beginning to the end) and what the world would do according to women!

The enemy has held women captive for far too long! Whether it be women of the world or women of God… The enemy is using them as slaves, sex objects, and also in power- through the business world.

“It is of paramount importance to realize that from the very beginning of life on planet Earth women have given God tremendous satisfaction. Women are not an afterthought or a late edition to God’s blueprint for the world, nor are they a piece of equipment created for the benefit of the so-called kinf of creation- man. No! If man is the crown of God’s creation, then women embody the jewels on that crown.” -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s secret weapon pg 26 par 2.

A woman is of up most importance… for they are the only ones who can carry LIFE! -baby! And even through that… the enemy has stolen! Women have got to understand that God has given them a gift of LIFE, nurture, and obedience to Him. (even if it’s by a rape… or what some call an “accident”- which no child is an accident and I hate that term!! )… there is no reason for Abortion! none whatsoever! The only one that has twisted that… is the enemy!

So we can see why the enemy wanted to confuse Eve… He wanted her in his hands… so that he could corrupt what God made to be perferct… only b/c he hated God and wanted his own power.

So now… In my case! I really want to make it known that I’m a woman of God! and I am gonna use my LIFE for his purposes! I don’t know the beginning from the end… I just know that in the End… when God comes for me… I want Him to know that I became the woman he has called me to be! A woman of LOVE, LIFE, and well… A woman of the most perfect GOD! who died for me! so that he could save me! 🙂  I am a jewel! a precious jewel!



The day that Eve made the decision to eat of the Tree of Knowledge; I wonder what was going on trough her head… Really… what do you think as a woman, if you were being tormented by the enemy himslef into doing something you didn’t want to do, but felt like there was no other choice at the moment… and well it was appealing to you anyways…   For ME… let me think…#1)  I would be totally horrified, especially if there was a snake talking to me. #2) I would be wishing that someone would ride in on a white horse and save me! #3) I would hope that if I ate it… I would still want to be wanted and loved. #4) I would be totally into it, b/c I was the one being paid the attention, to be able to make the decision… etc… And if I look at that correctly… Those are some of the main attributes to women’s hearts these days.

Before the fall… I’m sure that Eve never felt that way. But in that little moment. The enemy let her feel what it was like to be alone, wanted, the one to have the more power… He let her feel what it would be like if she had eaten the friut… and b/c of her choice and free will (God gives us!!) She chose to take the opportunity to want something else and in turn… she was ashamed that she left God, and that her own husband, Adam, said “be apart from me…. “(Gen 3:12)

-Awe man… just thinking about that day where I would had to have faced God in all his Glory and be forever be removed from it. I would be devastated… humiliated, ashamed, etc… Just thinking of the hurt and confusion of what I did… the choice b/w the God of all and His enemy of this world… Just being Eve… but then again… that’s what we relate to isn’t it? We relate to the Eve that fell and that made the wrong choice and we have forever lived in this world of disappointement b/c we can’t seem to get over the fact that we messed up and what’s even worse, that the men of our lives have forever blamed us for the whole ordeal… but, what if it where the other way around…or  what if Man didn’t eat the apple too… there was unity in the choice... Adam decided too, he chose too! He wasn’t there to tell her no, he didn’t save her or protect her… He went ahead and joined her.  But b/c of the Fear of the Lord, Adam became the man this world says he is and he became coward and ran away and took his wife with him.

WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE TRUE IMPORTANCE! The TRUTH! We have to get back to what Adam and Eve were created for… not dwell on the Mishaps of what happened… we can’t continue in this world as lost and foreign beings. We were created in HIS image… God’s image (Gen 1:26). We as Men and Women need to live for what we were created for… the Adam and Eve before the fall… Ones that dwell in the place of God, who can actually taste and see the Lord. Ones that live in His glory all the days of our lives here on earth! We need to think upon the True Identity of being made in God’s image and bear His name… From what I have learned… you can’t become like God if you’re not beholding Him…

“Deep intimacy must be restored for men to reclaim their role as protector and for women to be fully released to do what God intended from the beginning: to torment the devil with divinely sanctioned anger in order to keep him down!” -Ed Silivoso Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 23.  (Now I know what God made me for! To torment the enemy… not him torment me!!! 🙂 )

Seriously: for the women…like Ed Silivoso says in his book Women:God’s Secret Weapon:  “Satan knows that when women find out who they really are, his evil Kingdom will come to an abrupt end.”

Why do you think the enemy came against the woman in the 1st place.. not b/c she was the weaker one… but b/c she was an IMPORTANT part of God’s plan. Women carry the emotions of God (men too), but she carries the most integral parts of what God feels towards people. Proverbs 31 reveals the parts of a woman that God ordained for her… and she is Virtuous and fully clothed in the image of God! Not the image of this world or the enemy… God has forgiven her for the wrong choice, why can’t women themselves and men forgive??

“Satan has worked hard to keep women down, oppressed, and humiliated. He has twisted our understanding of the scriptures so that women will not be release into ministry.”  -Ed Silivose Women: God’s Secret Weapon pg 22. 

WHY!! B/c of the IMPORTANCE! of who men and women are! And who they become when they are in UNITY with GOD!! Can’t wait for that battle! Cause we all know who’s gonna win! – and that’s why the enemy comes against us… he doesn’t want us to! “It’s just a matter of time… Just wait and see… He’s gonna make everything beautiful… just in time…” -Misty Edwards!!



Women: God’s Secret Weapon: Par. 3- Introduction

Genesis  3:1-7 Is about the battle of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden, where the devil disguises himself as a snake and talks Eve in to eating from the Tree of Knowlede. (Seriously thinking about that… does that mean that animals talked before the fall of man… 🙂 haha… just something to think about… )

Ed Silivoso states:  “Apparently it was not meant to be an isolated incident, b/c immediately after the encounter, God decreed that the woman and her seed would oppose the devil forever (vs 14-16)”

The woman and her seed: It all comes down the the Woman and her seed (Her child!) Children are the very thing that this society looks down upon so much. We blame them for pretty much everything. If our finances are bad.. it’s b/c we have to buy something for the baby. If we want to get a break, it’s b/c of the baby. If we are left out it’s b/c of the baby… But we don’t realize children are the key… The definate key!

I was reading another book called  “Heaven is for Real” By Todd Burpo; this book is about a little boy who went to heaven. His dad was the author, but he pretty much told detail for detail the things that happened to his son. It’s an awesome book… But there’s one chapter in it that almost brought me to tears the whole time I was reading it… and it was called Jesus loves the Children… and throughout the whole chapter the little boy kept saying: “Dad, Jesus really loves the children,” and when his dad would say ok.. ok… he would look his dad in the eye and say, “No dad, Jesus really loves the children!”

We as women are the ones, who normally, raise the children and we get to know them more on a personal level than the fathers do (sometimes). We just have to realize how much a gift our children are to us… no matter the struggle in our hearts with them or our own personal endeavors. We have to remember the scripture that the Lord told us in Matthew.

Matthew 19:14  But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

He knew what the world would come to. God knew. That’s why he made it so clear in the scriptures how much He loves Children and Family. The number one thing that the enemy is against is God and second… God’s people.  And that’s the reason that he didn’t get rid of mankind… b/c right before the Wedding of us to the Bridegroom… there will be another battle b/w Woman and Her seed. And we have to be in unity with our children and cover them in prayer for them to see rightly the Kingdom of God and the amazing Attributes of God. Our children view us parents like they would view God.



Did you know that Psalm 68:11-13   – Is talking about women?! 🙂

The Lord gave the word: Great was the company of those who proclamied it: “Kings and armies flee, they flee. And she who remains at home divides the spoil. Though you lie down among the sheepfolds. You will be like the wings of the dove covered with silver and her feathers with yellow gold.” 

God gave women the right to destroy his enemies… For they were the ones praying at home in an intimate relationship with him while their husbands were out in battle.

Women: God’s Secret Weapon: pg .  Introduction… Paragraph 1  –   … in this particular case they (women) are convened by the Lord to destroy His enemis…   

Convene: assemble or cause to assemble fo a common purpose (Gather)

My understanding is that God has placed women, just as much as he has placed men, on this earth to defeat the enemy!

Picture this… Go back to those 3 scriptures about the women being at home dividing the spoil (to diminsh or destroy the value or quality of) … They are taking the time to pray and sit at home learning about the Father and His ways of warfare. They are covering their husbands and sons in prayer… the Spiritual Realm… so that they can have the strength and power to destroy the enemy physically. Men and women were called together as a partnership with the Lord to make the enemy flee. Whether it’s husbands and wives… Or mother’s to Sons (and daughters)…  Just think that right now… if we as the women of God can get it together and partner with Jesus! That we can save the lives of many. Our husbands were given to us by the Lord. He was the one who convened our relationship in the first place. If only we could see that. If only we could see that our husbands and God (our husband) is everything to us. If we, as women, could just partner with them daily; we would see a whole world of difference.

My husband came home the other day and pointed out to me… “You know, God gave Eve to Adam. God walked Eve down the aisle in the first ever wedding in the creation of man. He caused them to be joined together in his sight all the days of their life together.”  As I sat there and thought about this… I got excited! Because in the end, there’s gonna be a wedding. And our Bridegroom will be waiting for us to be walked down the aisle. We just have to understand that God is everything to us. He wants to be. He has to be. Just like our husbands; because Marriage is a part of the Bridal Paradigm that teaches us the Love of the Lord. Real Love.