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Hopefully… I am gonna do a commentary… My own commentary of a book that I love!!  And I’m hoping that it will work out!! 🙂

Women: God's Secret Weapon: God's Inspiring Message to Women of Power, Purpose and Destiny [Book]

Women: God’s Secret Weapon: God’s Inspiring Message to Women of Power, Purpose and Destiny [Book] by Ed Silvoso in Books

By Ed Silvoso – Gospel Light (2010) – Paperback – 192 pages – ISBN 0830756620

The first instance of spiritual warfare recorded in the Bible is an encounter between a woman and the devil—and on the heels of that ill-fated meeting, God decreed that the woman and her offspring would oppose the evil one forever. The role of women in society and in the Church is, even today, hotly debated. In Women: God’s Secret Weapon, Ed Silvoso dares the Christians everywhere—men and women–to the battle against the Kingdom’s true enemy: Satan. In this edition, which includes a brand-new study guide, Silvoso (founder of Harvest Evangelism) persuasively presents the Bible’s portrayal of women as powerful adversaries of the devil should inspire men and women to work together for the evil one’s defeat.   Silvoso, author of That None Should Perish and Anointed for Business, grew up in “macho Argentina.” Yet through more than 40 of years marriage to Ruth and becoming the father of four daughters, in addition to decades of ministry with both women and men, he has been a first-hand witness to the enduring strength and spiritual authority women can possess. Women: God’s Secret Weapon is a challenge to the Body of Christ to recognize the unique, strategic and pivotal place women have in God’s plan for Satan’s ultimate ruin, and to celebrate the invincible power of an undivided Church.
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Anyways… It’s an amazing book and it helps me… A Woman to know the calling that the Lord has on my life!! 🙂
I’m excited to see where this goes!