Nothing Sweeter…

For me… I’ve pulled away, gotten frustrated, turned to the worldly things… all for what? Nothing! Nothing at all! And I’ve been back and forth… back and forth… until one day God gripped my heart… I mean really gripped my heart again… From the old days to the new days… I’ve found that there’s nothing sweeter than that Love of God… the Friendship of God, God the Father… the lover!

So I get to one part of the song below by Misty Edwards (… the people… laughin and saying that it’s never rained before… as in the days of Noah… no one believed of the catastrophy at hand… no one knew what rain was… they were thinkin water, fallin from the sky- this Noah guy is weird… and well it’s gonna be that way again…) -People will say.. Come on get over it! Why the fasting and the mourning… be merry; but the time is not coming… the end is not near… Jesus-who are you talkin about!?

So far there’s been a few things that have come up about this year and a few years to come and it’s a hard devastating blow to my knowledge of God. It’s a hard thing to believe! But I got clarity…I know God… and I’m getting to know Him! And I pray that I do every day! But particularly this morning I’ve had so many things burnin on my heart. And God answered em…  Isaiah 40:11- He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them into His bosom, And gently lead those who are with young…  Nothing sweeter than that! God’s gonna take care of me! Gonna give me wisdom of what to do in the days ahead… and He’s going to draw me near to Him… to the place where only He satisfies my heart, ming and soul! I can rest in Him, knowing that I will be taken care of…  Nothing sweeter than that!!


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